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Policies that will help the farmers, ranchers, and foresters cope with the climate extremes:

Climate change as advocated by Al Gore has not been proven scientifically accurate. In fact, there are several sources that have debunked this theory. There have always been cycles of climactic conditions that impact farmers, ranchers, and foresters. States, like Kansas, Texas, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Missouri grow sorghum as a hedge against drought. This water-efficient crop is more drought tolerant and requires fewer inputs than corn. Policies that allow these producers to do what they do best would be in order; these policies I would strongly support. In order to facilitate production and distribution, we need to have fewer federal versus local government regulations.

Promotion of Louisiana manufactured products:

We should have diversification of the food supply, not centralization of it. We need to look at current governmental policies, which may hinder diversification. The Food Safety Act S510 impacts farmers, ranchers, and foresters, as far as land use and inspection processes. Why it was not put under the Department of Agriculture and Forestry, instead of under Homeland Security and the Defense Department, is curious.

Mission of the Department of Agriculture and Forestry concerns soil and water conservation: 

While it is vital to be careful of soil and water conservation, it is best left to the private producers, not by intermingling governmental agencies with private corporations. Private-public partnerships seem to impede these endeavors and not allow our entrepreneurial spirit to thrive. Feedback from these producers needs to be considered in all policy making decisions.

Measures that will make it easier for farmers, ranchers, and timber owners choose to continue their operations: 

The main measure I support that will make it easier for these individuals to continue their operations would be to curtail the over-regulation by the EPA. A common complaint from those trying to produce is that the regulations are halting their efforts. I would also support a DRILLPAC, since the high price of fuel is also greatly impacting small farmers, driving up distribution costs in their operations.

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